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The first post is from @dezmond -- 10 products that will improve your memory and attention

@dezmond runs us through ten products that can help us in several different ways with memory and attention. With a treat at the end.


The second post is from @eat-yourself-fit -- Organic food: not much different on nutrition and safety but still better?

The general perception that organically produced foods provide a more nutritious, safer and healthier option is not necessarily the case.


The third post is from @melissab97 -- What is antioxidant? What is the absence of this? What is the need to fulfill its lack?

Some sage advice, eat plenty of antioxidant-rich food ingredients everyday and exercise regularly.


The fourth post is from @katy24 -- Lactose Intolerance? Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives

The fitness benefits of those non-dairy alternatives are super and those are specially suitable for people who are lactose illiberal or choose to head vegan.


The fifth post is from @healthranger -- Type 2 diabetes can be avoided with the right kind of diet – do you know which one?

There have been plenty of useful findings on diabetes in recent years, although not all of them have gotten the publicity they deserve.


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