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The first post is from @alspir -- Ginkgo biloba and its extraordinary properties


For a long time, Ginkgo biloba has been used for its therapeutic actions, especially in traditional Chinese medicine. The flavonoids increase central and peripheral blood circulation when ingested. @alspir digs into the Gingko tree.

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The second post is from @chineyes -- 8 Anti-Aging Superfoods You Should Know About


@chineyes has a look at 8 of the best foods to eat for younger looking skin. To maintain a healthy body we must eat right. @chineyes reinforces the right foods that will give our bodies the right nutrition to function properly.

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The third post is from @tlk -- FRUITS AND VEGGIES MONDAY - Pumpkin Apple Waffles


@tlk has another apple-based recipe this week, still using up the apples from an orchard visit last weekend. This week, also incorporated pumpkins into the bake.

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