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The first post is from @emmamia -- Waluts - a superfood for our brain


The warm summer seems to have produced an abundance of walnuts in @emmamia's area. @emmamia reminds us of the richness of fatty acids in nuts and shares how to prepare and treat walnuts in this post.

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The second post is from @alspir -- Omega 3 and its benefits for health


@alspir writes about omega-3 oils from different sources and it's health benefits for the brain and cardiovascular support.

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The third post is from @dim753 -- Food of future: Unknown by a lot of people they have the power to revolutionize our diet


@dim753 writes about some examples of food crops being researched to help with global food production.

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The fourth post is from @jasonbu -- Oat Milk? Will it Supplant Soy and Almond Milk?


@jasonbu asks if Oat milk will take over from Soy or Almond milk. Along with a simple recipe to make oat milk at home.

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