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The first post is from @dim753 -- Why should we consume yogurt with probiotics?


Probiotics are one of the most prominent subgroups within functional foods. They are products that contain microorganisms defined and viable enough to modify the intestinal microbiota

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The second post is from @aresbon -- Maqui berries, the superfood


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The third post is from @jasonbu -- Cricket Pancakes Anyone? Future Foods - Chirp! Chirp!


Insect protein can be produced on a more sustainable footing with a much smaller ecological footprint. @jasonbu expands on Cricket protein as a possible alternative by making cricket powder pancakes.

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The fourth post is from @sabrip -- Farms: Medicinal properties of chamomile and its cultivation | Scientific name: Chamaemelum nobile


@sabrip introduces a medicinal plant that is used in Venezuela, due to the lack of medicines. One of those plants is chamomile.

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