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The first post is from @annemariemay -- Probiotic Foods - What Are They And Why Are They Important?

Probiotics - kind of a big deal, you’re right? @annemariemay talks about kefir, raw sauerkraut, nonfat greek yogurt, kimchi and gets the discussion going.


The second post is from @davidrhodes124 -- The Gut Microbiome and Human Heath

Continuing on the gut @davidrhodes124 touches on the role of the microbiome in disease initiation and progression.


The third post is from @carolynstahl -- Fruity Gazpacho For A Heatwave

The heat is on and @carolynstahl shows us how to enjoy a health fruit Gazpacho.


The fourth post is from @themoneyteam -- 6 super carbohydrates in diabetes

Carbohydrates complex in composition. @themoneyteam talks about 6 super carbohydrates.


The fifth post is from @kalejandra -- Benefits of protein shakes

Protein shakes not just for those who spend long hours in the gym.


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