We curate natural products posts
We're moving along with our plans for the natural products community. We're pushing along with building the front end that will host the natural products community. We hope to help support, curate and build high quality natural products posts and facilitate discussions. 

We started with a push to use the #nunesso and #naturalproducts tags in your posts for better visibility and allow us to find you in our curation efforts. As we said, we want to grow the community and help to increase the rewards, help you gain a better reputation and add more followers. 

To build some Steem (pun intended) we've setup a curation trail for all our members. Be sure to follow our curation trail on Steemauto and the @nunesso account.

We are looking for original natural products content that we can upvote and resteem!

We'd love to see more Natural Product posts on :

  • Sciecne based research;
  • Posts from the source, in the fields;
  • Product reviews;
  • Industry trends/analysis;
  • Beauty and Lifestyle trends/usage;
  • Food and Beverage trends/products;
  • Vitamin and supplements;
  • Functional foods;
  • Regulatory changes;
  • Sports nutrition;
  • and ingredients. 
We can't wait to see your content!!

Our hopes are that we can coalesce insights and content on major issues and concerns from key categories impacting the health and nutrition industry. We are looking for original content and will not curate plagiarism or users that repeatedly abuse the tags. We'll send you on to @steemcleaners. If you see plagiarism or tag abuse, give us a shout on our Discord server.

Join fellow healthy and natrual products lovers on Discord!

Be a supporter

Why not become a supporter. We're looking for like-minded individuals to help support the Nunesso front-end project through delegations. Your delegations will help to support contributors and the further development of the front-end. Your support will also allow us to help ensure that the quality of content is high and consistent with the expectations of the community and industry and that posts are rewarded.

You can use these custom links to delegate to us:
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