Vitamins, now-a-days, are based on the delivery of an efficacious dose of a specific ingredient or combination of ingredients. It's essentially a "one-fits-all" approach depending on your needs. The last few years has seen the advent of companies like 23andMe, Ancestry DNA and MyHeritage DNA targeting DNA analysis at the consumer.

This seems to have lead to a niche ecosystem that is focusing on fitness and longevity through on your DNA. There are several companies that have entered this market. Some are focused on diet and genetically-matched training programs and others are focused on the supplement requirements based on your DNA and nutrient blood level.

To make it easy a lot of these companies are accepting 23andMe or Ancestry DNA data when going through their sign-up process. According to the companies (Routine Vitamins, DNAfit, and LifeDNA), they all seem to point to the fact that your current health and to a greater extent your DNA play into how well your body absorbs and applies the vitamins you ingest.

Some of the referenced research

  1. TCN1 - Genome-wide significant predictors of metabolites in the one-carbon metabolism pathway
  2. FUT2 - Common variants of FUT2 are associated with plasma vitamin B12 levels
  3. KCNJ11 - Genome-wide association analysis identifies loci for type 2 diabetes and triglyceride levels.

Just a sample of some of the references that are available that tie genetics to the absorption of vitamins and minerals. The research seems to be there but as with most things you can pick and choose your narrative. In the long run it may really come down to customized supplementation, a healthy lifestyle and a diet prescribed to you base on your DNA.

Regardless, the research continues and the case is being made to support DNA based supplementation or customization. At this time though do we know enough about the DNA pathways and interactions?

What are your thoughts on the personalized approach to health? Especially utilizing your DNA results. Would you use one of these companies to get a handle on your health or will you continue with your normal vitamin and supplement regime?

Let us know.

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