Consuming this cereal in the mornings gives us energy and nutrients to face the day. In addition, oatmeal also serves to control "bad" cholesterol (LDL) and improve heart health. 


This rich cereal, which can be combined with dairy products, juices, cakes or salads, contains a good dose of soluble fibers which reduce the "bad cholesterol".  

Although this compound is also present in other foods, such as apples, beans or plums, the truth is that in oats concentrates more.  

Therefore, consuming it daily decreases blood cholesterol levels and that brings as a consequence other advantages: benefit the heart and improve the circulatory system. 

It also provides some compounds such as saponins that help fiber to eliminate cholesterol, oatnatramides, thanks to its antioxidant action, bring many benefits to heart health and prevent free radicals from accumulating (the main cause of atherosclerosis). 

How does oats work on cholesterol?


Soluble fiber (beta-glucan) inhibits the rate of absorption of fats in the intestinal tract, so they do not pass into the blood and do not remain in the body.