Foods rich in protein and fiber help us cleanse the colon. A cleansing of the intestine translates into general well-being, as it improves many aspects of our life. 

The intestine often accumulates a large amount of waste that affects the overall functioning of the body. For this reason, it is important to know how to clean the intestines naturally. 

If your idea is to clean the colon or intestine due to occasional or mild constipation, it will be enough to add fibers or herbs in your diet to normalize the transit. For example, the artichoke, as this study indicates, is ideal. 


But, the toxins that have remained stuck to the intestinal walls are not easy to eliminate. A person who has not been to the bathroom for 3 days in a row, is likely to have a waste buildup of 15 different foods. 

With a good colon cleansing and a proper diet we can get a clean intestine. This translates into a feeling of tranquility, enjoy a better sleep, better breath, better body odor, disappearance of pimples or rashes, etc. 

I'm gonna share you the best recipe in my opinion to have a clean colon 

Ingredients:  2 oranges, 7 strawberries, 3 peaches

To make this remedy we will place the fruits in a blender and mix. The peaches must be in pieces without the pit and the oranges we will use their juice.


If you drink this remedy to clean the intestines naturally fasting for 9 days in a row, you will discover how your intestines will be healthier. You can take this recipe during breakfast. This solution can also strengthen your respiratory system and decrease depression.