Beans, which tend to be very consumed in Latin countries like Mexico, usually for its price and variety of dishes that can be made with them and that's is something that most of you know but have you ever think what kind of benefits can you get when you cosume them at least 3 times per week? 

So in this post I will talk about the benefits of beans, as well as its most important properties. 

Benefits and properties of beans


• Being one of the lowest fat legumes, they can be ideal consumed in weight loss diets.

• Also by contributing less sugar, they can be consumed by a diabetic person.

• They stand out for their high fiber content (you can learn more about the different benefits of fiber).

• They are rich in potassium, so they are highly recommended for hypertensive people, who in turn suffer from fluid retention.

• They are rich in calcium, so much so that a serving of beans is able to provide the same calcium as a serving of rice pudding.

• High content of isoflavones and anthocyanins. Therefore, thanks to being antioxidants, help reduce the risk when it comes to heart problems.

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